Amidst a draft where convention often reigns supreme, Alex Smedes defiantly shattered the mold with a calculated move that sent shockwaves through the room. The early rounds were dominated by running backs and wide receivers, leaving quarterback selections on the backburner, as tradition dictated. However, Smedes had different plans. With the sixth pick overall, he boldly staked his claim on Patrick Mahomes, the Kansas City Chiefs' dynamic field general. It was a move that challenged the status quo, as QBs typically find themselves picked later in the proceedings. Yet, Smedes' audacity was met with a succinct response from Brett Goldberg, who, in the face of Mahomes' early selection, simply responded with a trio of laughing emojis, perfectly encapsulating the astonishment that rippled through the room at this unanticipated twist. Time will unveil whether Smedes' gamble pays off, but his daring approach has already etched his name into this year's draft narrative.