Weekly Breakdown

In a pivotal Week 13, the fantasy football landscape witnessed both triumphs and eliminations, setting the stage for an intense postseason. As some teams celebrated clinching playoff berths, others faced the harsh reality of elimination.

Matchup Results:

Dylan 33 vs. 98 Eric:

Dylan’s struggles continued as Eric secured a convincing win, bolstering his playoff position.

Cedric 59 vs. 140 Baker:

In a lopsided matchup, Baker showcased dominance, solidifying his playoff aspirations while dealing a blow to Cedric’s hopes.

•Brett 150 vs. 105 Frances:

Brett emerged victorious against Frances in a high-scoring affair, demonstrating his team’s potential for a strong playoff run.

•Matt 103 vs. 76 Turbo:

Matt’s critical win against Turbo keeps him in playoff contention, and closer postseason action.

Cole 118 vs. 79 RPete:

Cole’s solid performance ensured a comfortable win, keeping his playoff hopes alive.

Alex 107 vs. 115 Kyle:

In a closely contested matchup, Kyle secured the win, further solidifying his dominant regular-season performance.

Updated Stadings